New York Appearance

I will appear at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art’s Art Festival in New York City. Please note that I will NOT be there both days. I will appear ONLY on Sunday, June 11, at the NBM Publishing table. I will be there the whole time, with brief breaks for lunch and whatnot, so drop by!

Along with copies of my current books to sign, including the brand-new ATTITUDE 3: THE NEW SUBVERSIVE ONLINE CARTOONISTS, I will also bring copies of my rare and out-of-print books, original cartoon artwork for sale, and advance previews of my upcoming SILK ROAD TO RUIN: IS CENTRAL ASIA THE NEW MIDDLE EAST? Many of the other artists from ATTITUDE 3 will be there, as well as from ATTITUDE and ATTITUDE 2, so this is your chance to collect signatures from a bunch of great cartoonists.

I look forward to seeing you there!

P.S. As usual, many of you will ask why I’m not appearing on any MoCCA panels this year. Please stop asking, or more to the point, please stop asking me. The event organizers determine these things, not me, so please ask them. It’s not like I’m turning them down, as some people seem to assume.

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