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April 26, 2006

ATTITUDE 3 Signing in NYC Thursday

A group signing for ATTITUDE 3: THE NEW SUBVERSIVE ONLINE CARTOONISTS will take place Thursday night (April 27th) in New York City. I’ll be on hand, along with leading webcomics luminaries Dorothy Gambrell (CAT AND GIRL), Richard Stevens (DIESEL SWEETIES), Ryan North (DAILY DINOSAUR COMICS), Eric Millikin (FETUS-X), Nicholas Gurewitch (PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP), Rob Balder (PARTIALLY CLIPS), and Dale Beran and David Hellman (A LESSON IS LEARNED BUT THE DAMAGE IS IRREVERSIBLE). There will be a panel discussion about webcomics.

Don’t miss this thrilling gathering of some of the most talented cartoonists in the United States!

Kim’s Mediapolis
Broadway at 113th Street
New York City
1 or 9 subway to 110 Street
M4 or M104 bus to 113 Street
Admission FREE

April 14, 2006

Seven Days in April

Another retired general says Donald Rumsfeld should resign. Another general ought to shut up.

My position on Rumsfeld is clear. He should be clapped in irons and put on trial for war crimes for his role as one of history’s greatest genocidal maniacs, a man who pushed for the mass murder of more than 150,000 innocent Iraqis and Afghans and who recklessly squandered the lives and limbs of tens of thousands of American and Allied soldiers. He is a monster, pure and simple. He is stupid, arrogant and vicious.

Military men, however, should continue to respect the traditional separation the armed forces have from civilian politics. As we saw most recently with the intimidating letter sent by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Washington Post about (ironically, a pro-military) cartoon by Tom Toles, generals no longer seem content to stay out of politics.

This is a dangerous trend.

More and more, our civilian society is being militarized, with troops being dispatched to keep order in disaster zones where humanitarian workers used to go to provide help. Former generals who voice their opinion about whether their top civilian leader, the Defense Secretary, ought to keep his job, continue this terrifying trend–one that is accelerating in view of the growing vacuum of leadership in Congress and the judiciary.

We still have civilian rule in this country–thank God. Rumsfeld (and Bush) should go. But the military should have no say about either.

April 12, 2006


Its out! The first copy of my webcomics anthology arrived at NBM Publishing yesterday and it’s a beauty. Fans of the first two ATTITUDE anthologies will be amazed that I found 21 more cartoonists of the same high caliber and talent. And if you’re into or interested in finding out about webcomics, this is the ONLY primer out there. If you order from Amazon now you should have your own copy hot off the press within a week or two. Be the first on your block to own this incredible collection of cartoons by, interviews with and ephemera about some of the most ass-kicking Internet-based cartoonists.

P.S. There’s a group signing and panel discussion of ATTITUDE 3 cartoonists in New York City at 7 pm on April 27: Kim’s Mediapolis, Broadway and 113th Street.

April 10, 2006

A Tad Late

My apologies for being such a stranger to the blog lately. I’m working hard to finish my book SILK ROAD TO RUIN: IS CENTRAL ASIA THE NEW MIDDLE EAST?, a follow-up to TO AFGHANISTAN AND BACK, and it’s just killing me. Nevertheless I felt that you needed to read my Global Journalist magazine article about the Danish Mohammed cartoon controversy of a few months back.