Geek Love

Now that Wish Lists have become a way for people to support cartoonists, at long last I’ve come up with one of my own. You may have noticed that some of these items are pretty expensive. Well, duh! If they were cheap I could afford to buy them myself. Like a certain orange credit card, therefore, I’ve developed a kickback scheme to sweeten the pot for those interested in improving my quality of life: Depending on how much you spend, you get everything from signed books to originals to, well, me.
Here’s the deal:
Under $50: I love you. Love is cheap!
$50 to $100: You get a signed Ted Rall book of your choice (assuming it’s in print).
$100 to $200: A small sketch of my choice.
$200 to $400: An original cartoon of your choice, from the last three months (assuming I still have it).
$400 to $600: An original cartoon of your choice, from any time (assuming I still have it).
$600 to $800: Two original cartoons
$800 to $1000: I will draw a custom cartoon to your personal specifications (provided that your idea isn’t totally embarrassing)
$1000 to $2000: One custom cartoon plus a complete set of every Ted Rall book ever published, including foreign editions, and out-of-print titles, signed
$2000 and up: We’ll hang out for coffee and/or drinks. You can take my photo, bring your friends, be fun and/or boring. Even Republicans will be accomodated. Caveat: Said event must occur in New York City or a city where I happen to be visiting, or a place that I agree to and that you’re willing to fly me to. The night’s on you. Added bonus: an original cartoon to remember me by.

Email me at if you want to play.

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