But She’s a New Yorker Too

Ann writes:

Any thoughts about your pal Ann Coulter’s latest idiotic rant. I figured being a New Yorker and someone who generally knows that anything that comes out of that witch’s mouth is ridiculous, you might like to weigh in.
Love your stuff, would love to see you on Real Time,

No one knows who would do what when push came to shove. I certainly wouldn’t envy the occupation army trying to subjegate a bunch of gun-toting Midwesterners. On the other hand, New Yorkers are an ornery bunch, and occupying densely-populated urban areas has always been dicey. The toughest part of Iraq for the U.S. to control, for example, is the Sadr City section of Baghdad, so much so that it has been ceded to local militias.
What bothers me about Ann’s latest is her certainty of what people “would” do. She doesn’t know, and she doesn’t even build a case based on historical precedent–she ought to be able to do that based on her education, right?–to show why what happened before would happen again.
As for “Real Time,” ask Bill Maher. He has my number.

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