Lag Time

Jason asks:

Not to bitch about something I enjoy for free, but I was wondering why there’s always a fairly significant lag in the page for your work? I read a number of other strips on that site and they always are updated daily.
Case in point, today’s the 18th, the latest comic is from the 13th. It would appear we’re missing two.
I’m sure you have many other things to concern yourself with, but I’m starting to fall behind the blog, and look forward to getting a chance to read whatever comic it is that has so many folks up in arms over our troops comporting themselves in a less than gentlemanly manner.
Although I obviously don’t have enough to do at work today, I’ll nonetheless keep this short and close by relaying that I am truly a fan of your work and hope you keep doing what you do for many, many years to come.

Thanks, Jason. These are legitimate concerns. The short answer is: not my fault, not my fault! My syndicate maintains my online archives, not me. So sometimes things get screwed up. Of course, there is an option: for the small price of $10/year (or $5/6 months), you can have my cartoons and columns emailed directly to your inbox, often as much as 4-5 days before they appear online. Just email to sign up to the Ted Rall Subscription Service.

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