Reasons to be Cheerful

That’s an Ian Dury reference, New Wave fans.
Ben asks:

Regarding the comic in which you pilloried Democrats for cheering “My candidate didn’t lose by much!”
What does cheer you up in troubled times like these? As you well know, Bush & Co. have left precious little about which to feel good these days. When I’m trying to think of something positive (on the days I can drag myself out of bed without going on a rampage), I can’t come up with much; sometimes the only thing I can think of in that vein about 2004 is “Well, at least we didn’t get McGoverned or Dukakised (sp?)!” Not very cheery, I realize.
So! Any suggestions?

Patrick Fitzgerald (not to be confused with Patrik Fitzgerald, the brilliant lost “punk poet” of the late 1970s, is working up a tasty case against Rove, Cheney, etc. That alone gives me cause to get up in the morning.

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