From Another Vet

Jeff writes:

I frequently read your stuff on Common Dreams and elsewhere.

But Goddamn!!
Todays thing made me say “Hell Yes !”
I’ve been saying the same things for about as long as you apparently have
But I’ve never heard anyone with a wide audience say it.
It was apparent to me what was up….
we are ruled by a bunch of fucking thieves and murderers…
and they stole the last election too…….
I HATE the loss of life, but in a way I am glad to see things go so totally to shit in Iraq…..
And I DO NOT feel obliged to sacrifice a fucking thing for this war……..
let all the dumb assholes who supported this thing pay the price…
I’m a fucking Vet myself……..but I’m getting the hell out of here….
the American people are too fucking lazy, stupid and greedy to govern themselves……..
And I have been saying that for at least a couple of decades………

That’s right: Thieves and murderers are ruling America. Loverly.

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