America Does Not Equal the President

GI points out the attitude that afflicts many conservatives, namely that they equate the presidency with the nation itself. This is a distinctly antidemocratic idea, worthy of Stalin, but they don’t get it. Besides, Bush isn’t the president anyway:

Ted – regarding your recent column- ignore that previous email (it was sent by accident)
Anyway- here’s an excerpt from a Sermon that Nixon aide Chuck Colson gave to prisoners in his prison ministry- it’s in the new bio of him by fellow felon Aitken (who wrote a glowing bio of Nixon) This is about loyalty:

“Jesus had Judas. Nixon had John Dean. Because of both of those betrayals, twelve men came under pressure. Those of us around Nixon at that time could have been called twelve of the most powerful people in the world. But we twelve powerful men couldn’t hold a lie together for two weeks… But none of them snitched. None of them copped a plea by confessing to thier tormentors.”
Ted -as you can see, Chuck’s crew had a better record than Jesus’s (Jude betrayed, and Peter denies, and Thomas doubted, etc) But you can see Colson does not mention loyalty to America- but to Nixon, who he equates with God and Country.

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