Subject Line was: “Get a Useful Life.”

Hate mail from Sidney:

I am sorry to be yet another to inform you, but you have not a clue. You have made a life for yourself by chanting ignorance amongst the masses. In the end, when you look back, you will pat yourself on the back for the absolute nothing you stand for. You are a terminal whiner. Don’t breathe so much. It is a waste.
How vain is this, ‘This permits me to spend more time doing something constructive, like corresponding with people who understand and appreciate what I do.’ Let me translate…if you don’t agree with me, why should I listen to you. Moron!!!!! I know you might feel this correspondence is validation for what you do. I have to tell you though that I read one editorial of yours, was disgusted, went to your archives and read two more with the same result. Crawl back under your rock buddy, you missed the boat.

Penultimate is the word for second to last. Is penultimate penultimate third to last? if so, that’s the sentence in this email I agree with.

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