Boring Standard Hate Mail (!) writes:

you suck, fag boy. I hope you survive and that no one shoots you in the head at point blank range. that would be unfortunate. i would piss on you’re grave however, if that’s any consolation, queer would probably enjoy that though. so perhaps someone should shit on you’re unconcious body while you’re still alive and being burned in the face with a blow-torch. have a nice day, and keep up the good work, gay boy.

What’s particularly disconcerting about this sort of email is that I have absolutely no idea what pissed off this guy (yeah, probably a guy). Was it a cartoon? A TV appearance? Grammar envy? That, and the fact that someone would think that it’s OK to write stuff like this to someone. These people are so fucking weird.

On the Other Hand…

It’s not all bad, as Jay writes:L

I think the greatest thing about Generalissimo El Busho is that he looks like a vampire, as well as some kind of banana republic leader.

I also think the work you’re doing is way beyond vital. If I were some kind of philanthropic guy, instead of a retired journalism prof, I’d buy a million copies of your books and have teens give them out at malls, a far better use of their time than enlisting in the military, to go get killed for Halliburton and other Bushco outfits.

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