Italian Journalist Confirms: Americans are Liars

The Italian journalist rescued by Italian intelligence operatives says that, contrary to repeated American assertions. The AP reports:

The U.S. military has said the car Sgrena was riding in was speeding, and Americans used hand and arm signals, flashing white lights and warning shots to get it to stop at the roadblock.
But in an interview with Italian La 7 TV, Sgrena said, ”There was no bright light, no signal.” She also said the car was traveling at ”regular speed.”

This is just the latest of numerous incidents in which American troops manning checkpoints in US-occupied Iraq shot at cars, supposedly to get them to stop, killing innocent people.

Newsflash to Pentagon dildos: When someone fires at your car in Iraq, you think you’re being ambushed by robbers. The last thing you’re gonna do is stop. You’re gonna floor that sucker to get the hell out of there. The way you man roadblocks, dildos, is to stand out in the middle of the street with a big stop sign and flag people down. What’s that? A suicide bomber could blow up your asses if you didn’t shoot first and ask questions later? That’s damned right. Occupying countries requires risks. Sometimes resistance fighters blow you up. Don’t like it? Get out. Why is this so damned difficult for these morons to understand?

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