The Right-Wing Challenge as of Saturday Morning

I have received more than 200 entries so far. Regretably, most right-wingers don’t seem to understand the rules. Reading comprehension, folks–just because Reagan cut education spending doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to pay attention now!

I’m receiving tons of generic “I hate Republicans and wish they all died” remarks. Sorry. Those are vague, unformed and stupid comments, but they are not death threats against a specific media personality or politician.

I’m also getting tons of comments that are merely insults to Republicans. Sorry. An insult isn’t a threat of violence. Remember: liberals who speak out (like me) routinely see threats of violence posted about them by bloggers and at blogs specifically directed towards them. What I want to see here is the same sort of thing going the other way.

So far we have exactly one contender (submitted by Papa Loves Mambo) that he found at

“I’d like to buy George Bush a Coke And poison it with glue Kill Dick Cheney And old Wolfie And shoot down Rumsfeld too”

Now that’s the kind of disgusting, reprehensible shit we’re looking for. Righties do it daily by the dozen–surely you guys can come with more than just one?

Oh, and: some righties have had trouble with the email address for the contest, so please use instead. Thanks.

Challenge ends Monday.

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