Rules of the Challenge

Garret asks about the rules:

I wish to ask a technical question to better understand your”contest”, A Challenge for Right-Wing Bloggers. You ask for the worst, most vicious examples of liberal/leftie blogger vitriol, but when you were asked for examples, you cited (as best as I can tell) comments people made on the blog, not what I would call the “blogger”, unless Jimmy the Clam is the owner of LittleGreenFootballs.
So my questions are:
1. Is our contest limited to the actual bloggers, or are all the comments from users fair game?

Actual bloggers as well as comments posted to those blogs–especially comments that are more than a day or two old, since their presence tacitly testifies to their acceptibility to the bloggers themselves–are both eligible. Remember, we’re looking for specific threats of violence and/or murder against specific media and political personalities on the right, authored by lefties. “I hope Ann Coulter dies painfully” qualifies. Generic threats, like “I hope Republicans die,” do not.

Because if the users’ comments are fair game, I submit an entire URL: If the user comments are not acceptable but the blogger’s comments are, I would suggest only (some of) Auntie Pinko’s postings. I hope this makes sense.

Specifics, please!

2. Also, are politicians quotations, cited in widely read blogs, acceptable entries?

A more nebulous question. I would say, generally not. We’re talking blogs here. But if you’ve got comments from mainstream Democrats calling for the murder ot Republican media types, I’d entertain those.

3. Are MSM figures quotes, cited in widely read blogs, acceptable entries?

See (2) above.

4. Are leftie quotes in otherwise news stories in widely read blogs acceptable entries?

See (2) above.

5. Are your cartoons acceptable entries?

If my cartoons call for the murder or violence against specific personalities–well, I already said that.

Thanks for the challenge.
P.S. I have an entry, I think, the text is : “If not, let’s take as a given what we already know: that Republicans’ first impulse is to punch people whose arguments they can’t defeat with logic and to bomb countries whose people know something we don’t.” From

Not even close. Not a threat of violence, much less murder, against anybody. This is an expression of disgust with violence–in fact, it’s a statement of pacifism. The kind of thing we’re looking for here is like these tidbits from a right-wing blog that gets many links from other bushblogs, the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller:

“if the opportunity presented itself, I’d kill Ted Rall”
“How about shooting Ted Rall THROUGH the Michael Moore Range Target?”
“Ted Rall was flayed? Why didn’t anyone tell me?! Is there a video of it?! “
“Ted Rall just needs to be bitch-slapped.”

Let the challenge continue!

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