Right-Wing Challenge, Redux

Allen writes:

Before you issue a challenge like that don’t you think you should at least post some examples of hate speech from the blogs you cited? The only threat that you quoted didn’t even have a name by it. Who made that moronic threat? I highly doubt it’s a mainstream blogger. I challenge you to find an example of a WELLKNOWN, blog such as Instapundit, or Powerline, or LittleGreenFootballs, Andrew Sullivan, etc…that has an idiotic threat like you cited in your column posted on their site.

Very well, though it’s incredible that Republicans aren’t aware that so many of their comrades are violent, hyper-aggressive shitheads. Here are some sample posts to one of the “well-known” right-wing blogs, Little Green Footballs:

“I hope Rall dies now.
“I am glad that Bolshevik dog Rall is being targeted for termination.”
“I found out belatedly that he made an appearence at the 2004 San Diego Comic-Con (for what reason I’m not sure) so I missed my opportunity to give him a complimentary tracheotemy or put out a cigarette in his eye or some other fair and accurate constructive criticism of his works.”
“I wish somebody would drop Rall – out of a helicopter.”
Some people can butt-f*ck anything, if they are desperate/ugly enough. Me, I’d butt-f*ck Rall. With a large caliber repeating weapon. Or a high-velocity flame-thrower. My choice… “

Perhaps someone else has time to check out the other aforementioned neofascist bushblogs, but I think my point has been made.

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