But the Rallblog Doesn’t Pay Anything

Bill writes:

big fan of the cartoons, though now enjoy the Rallblog even more. As a Brit, though living in Southern Africa (countries down here get election monitoring teams from Europe and America – perhaps Botswana should have sent some to the US in return last year), I have a question: I realise that the US and it’s administration is your major focus, but have you deliberately chosen to lay off the other members of the coalition of the willing? Like the UK and Tony Blair? Now there’s a country where seemingly most of Blair’s party didn’t support the war and he got more support from the opposition! A lot of Labour supporters want him out, but the party to stay in. And one of the biggest complaints is of his `Presidential style’ and the `US corruption of UK politics’. Actually, maybe it just isn’t funny enough…

We kind of have our hands full with Bush, don’t you think? Besides, Steve Bell does such a good job savaging Blair that I hardly think I could compete. But there’s more to it than that. First, it’s true that American readers and editors just aren’t really interested in the assorted toadies and lackeys in the coalition of the shilling. More importantly, Bush and the US are the root of the problem, which is why I focus on them.

But Merch Does

Lee writes:

Are you still selling signed books? If so, how much for Generalissimo El Busho and Gas War? Thanks!

As a general rule, I sell signed copies of my new books when they first come out. That way I can buy the correct number from my publisher and send them out without having to turn my home into a warehouse. I have very few copies of EL BUSHO or GAS WAR around so I’m loathe to sell them at this point. What I will do in these situations is sign books that you send me to sign. Here’s the procedure:

1. Send the books you want me to sign to: Ted Rall, PO Box 1134, New York NY 10027

2. Make sure you include a self-addressed STAMPED envelope large enough to hold the books and containing sufficient padding to protect them during shipment. Postage should be sufficient for the weight of the books.

3. Include a note letting me know how you want it signed (“For “Bob,” just my signature, whatever).

4. Allow up to 4 weeks for me to send them back.

Ted Rall Subscription Service

By popular demand I’m issuing a reminder about the Subscription Service for 2005. For $10 per year you get my cartoons and columns emailed directly to your address, sometimes days before they go online. It’s a good way to save web-surfing time and to pay my legal expenses at Guantánamo, so if you’re game, here’s how to sign up:

1. Send an email to chet@rall.com indicating your interest.

2. I’ll respond and tell you how to pay via PayPal or:

2b. Simply send $10 to Ted Rall, PO Box 1134, New York NY 10027 with a note containing your email addess.

Original Artwork

While we’re shilling, this is a reminder that I do sell my original artwork. Prices vary between $300 and $500 per cartoon. Please bear in mind that you’ll be getting the ink drawings only–that means no colors or grayscale shadings are included. Still, original cartoon art is highly collectible and way cool to have on your wall, so if you’re interested in a piece just shoot me an email at chet@rall.com and I’ll let you know whether I have the piece you’re inquiring about. Payment can be done by PayPal or check/money order.

As an inducement good for the rest of January only, I’ll throw in a free copy of a signed book of your choice (one of my books, natch!) with the sale of each original.

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