Iranian Invasion Plans

A FOR writes:

Thanks for taking my previous tip to write a column about the upcoming war with Iran. Here is a news lead to further information that this is where Bush’s junta will take things after Iraq:

This needs to be counteracted proactively.

One small point is that “the Left” needs to roll out the slogan: “Support Our Troops. Bring Them Back Home to Their Families Today.” Not to imply that a slogan will have much impact, but that is (yet another) point where the Right has gotten the upper hand back (by equating patriotism with supporting troops to stay in a state of war). Bumper stickers galore with this slogan could change the perspective of the ambivalent middle of the American public.

One other key point is that legislation needs to be pushed through to end the tax exempt status of churches. As the recent election period has shown, these are just sociopolitical organizations, often involved in business-like operations (printing and distributing newsletters, bibles, publications, etc. in exchange for donations, to say nothing of the vast empires of real estate that some churches rent out as landlords or the vast health care systems that they control and profit from).

Thanks for your dedication.

I disagree. The “Support Our Troops” stickers should be replaced with stickers that read “Support Our Wars.” It’s a volunteer military, folks. If there’s no troops, there are no wars–at least not those without widespread support by the American people. I feel badly for the troops, sure, but I feel even worse for the innocent civilians and enemy soldiers they’re killing in foreign lands where we have no business being. This “Support Our Troops” shit is turning the left into fellow travelers in militarism.

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