2005 Editor & Publisher Predictions Column

Prediction number eight in Joe Strupp’s column reads:

8. Ann Coulter will drop her column after her syndicate, Universal Press, refuses to dump Ted Rall, “Doonesbury,” and “Boondocks.”

Hey, you never know. What I do know is that, along with my desire to see Wendy’s become the nation’s predominant fast food chain (the fact that McDonald’s kicks Wendy’s ass proves the intrinsic injustice of capitalism), one of my fondest wishes is to mix it up with Ms. Coulter on the political front. She bullies most of her wimpy liberal counterparts on TV by resorting to insults they’re unwilling to return. God knows that that wouldn’t be the case with me. Could that be why we’ve never crossed paths on the airwaves?

Which would you rather watch, HANNITY and colmes or RALL v. COULTER?

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