I Was Waiting For Someone to Ask

MIKENOMGI@aol.com writes:

I get a kick out of you saying you will report all threats to appropriate law enforcement agencies. There aren’t enough law enforcement officers in the world to investigate all the threats you must get. Besides – what officer in their right mind would go after anybody who threatened a worthless piece of shit like you? Jackass!


Sorry Ted. I forgot in my last email to tell you to go fuck yourself. Please accept my apologies.


Hey Fuckface! Oops., Sorry. fuckface shouldn’t be capitalized when referring to you. I notice you post the email addresses of those of us who despise you, and would love to meet you on a street corner, preferably in Pat Tillman’s home town. Tell us, Jackass; why don’t you post the addresses of the few sick fucks who agree with you. Anyway, keep on posting. You are giving all us Rall-haters a forum to see who hates you the most. How does it feel to be the most despised human bein…..oops, again – I meant piece of shit – in the whole country?

Angela writes:

I was reading your blog and was just sickened by those nastly e-mails that you were bombarded with. I couldn’t help thiking that a bunch of 12 yr olds had e-mailed you. I can’t beleive there are adults that talk like that – just sad.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing though is I saw an unfair patter in that post. All the nasty e-mails you received, you posted their e-mail addresses. And the nice ones, you only posted their first name. I don’t know if you did it on purpose, but it seemed like you were saying, “go ahead and tell these assholes what you think, but leave the good guys alone.” Yeah, they were immature jerks, hardly worth talking to since you can’t reason with such, but it wasn’t fair at all. And I’ve come to expect better from you.

I publish the email addresses of those who show no respect or courtesy when they write. Right-wingers feel no accountability when they write hate mail to liberals; well, that stops here. It’s my website and my email address; I make the rules. Is it unfair? In the same way that Sean Hannity treats his Republican guests with deference and his Democratic ones like Abu Ghraib torture victims, sure it is. I’m nicer to liberals because they’re nicer to me. Pretty simple, and it’s high time that Democratic legislators start treating their Republican counterparts the same way: Act like a pig, get treated like one. Act civilly, so shall we.

Don’t want your email address posted here in the Rallblog? Don’t write things you wouldn’t want the world to see.

Speaking of which, tlv822@yahoo.com writes:

If you post an e-mail public….You will continue to solicit those of us that are decent enough to recognize slime for what it is.Look forward to me and many many others to fill your box with our special kudos you asshole.

Sharp-eyed Republicans will note that I don’t print the email addresses of conservatives who disagree with me in a civil fashion.

And Rita writes:

Ted, I’m thrilled to hear from you. Sincerely. Since you’re in an advice-taking mood, may I offer another piece? Post more positive responses. I’ve sent a few. The illiterate morons do not deserve

disproportionate representation, hilarious (scary) as they are.

Yeah, think I’ll do that. Though it seems a tad immodest, no? Anyway, Randy sez:

I did not see you on Fox last night. I stopped watching that channel long ago. I used to watch O’Reilly quite regularly; some of his comments are right on the mark. But more and more it became apparent that he was mainly there to toot his own horn rather than calmly and intellectually argue a point of view. I’d get pissed just listening to his rude interruptions night after night. Hannity wasn’t much better. He interrupts and offers no intellectual rebuttal, just emotional retorts that often have no persuasive substance.

Interestingly, most of these anti-Rall bloggers you have posted tonight are impressively vulgar and threatening. Hmmm, so these are the righteous and moral God fearing/respectful patriots that have delivered us another 4 years of the Bushiban regime? I notice they don’t have a command of the English language, either.

Exactly so. So amusing that these are the so-called Christians. What happened to turning the other cheek? Where are their precious moral values?

The Washington Post Dropped My Cartoon, Yet Ran This


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