Hannity Fallout

So last night I did “Hannity and Colmes.” The topic, as sold to me as well as the viewers, was whether editorial cartoons by Pat Oliphant, Jeff Danziger and Garry Trudeau about Condi Rice went too far and whether they were racist in their depictions of the Secretary of State Designate. Unfortunately for anyone who had to sit through what must have been pretty dull television, Sean “Johnny One Note” Hannity resorted to his now old schtick of yelling about “offensive” cartoons that *I* have drawn–terror widows, Pat Tillman, etc.–and barking at me to apologize. Thanks to Hannity’s continuing obsession over cartoons of mine that date back more than two years (!), we never got to discuss Condi, whether black conservatives are sellouts, or whether those cartoons in question were in fact racist.

‘Tis sad. I was longing to get the chance that race is a legitimate subject of cartoons about Rice. After all, she serves a “president” who gave a key speech at Bob Jones University and a vice president who called Nelson Mandela a communist terrorist and voted against sanctions on apartheid South Africa. Bush’s father voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Ronald Reagan launched his 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, a small town to which he had no tied save for the race-baiting message of symbolism: it was where the four “freedom riders” were murdered in 1964. The Republican Party is racist to its core and Condi’s skin color shouldn’t innoculate her from criticism for serving people who hate people like her.

Instead, we got Hannity yelling. Oh, well. Now, on to the post-Hannity mailbag. And you wonder what kind of people vote Republican? Well, here they are:

PLigeti@aol.com wrote:

you are one of the most arrogant shitheads I have ever seen in my life.

jerryfenimore@msn.com wrote:

Rall is. in my opinion, the most disgusting excrement masquerading as a human being. Jerry Fenimore Littleton, CO

ddonley@hot.rr.com wrote:

I cant believe you on Handy Combs, and what you said about Tillman, you are one SICK sonofabitch

Whatever you say, Handy Combs.

beck1932@cox.net wrote:

I agree with Sean your the most despicable excuse for a human being I’ve ever

seen! Your human garbage….. I hope your mother has had her tubes tied…. Bob

Cch4m@aol.com (a regular stalker of mine) wrote:

My My what a stinking litlle asshole….has little teddy rall had his diaper

changed today. Boy teddy I’ll bet you really shit your pants the wednesday

after the election huh? What a disgusting piece of shit…………

Phillip wrote:

Having just watched you on Hannity and Colmes, I’d like to ask you

if you’d still believe Pat Tillman to be an “idiot” if he had died serving

in Haiti, or Somalia, or Kosovo, or Bosnia instead. Sincerely, Philip Prindeville

Portland, OR


Many Republicans, who are obviously closeted gays themselves, are obsessed with homosexuality. dwimmer@sc.rr.com wrote:

You are an absolute piece of gay shit. More people than you think voted for George Bush. HE DID WIN. You are a dumb idiot. You and Michael Moore would make a “cute couple”. Pathetic.

dhildreth82@yahoo.com wrote:

Looking at you on TV, im sure you have never had sex. You are very fat and very ugly, and sound like a whiney little baby. You are a ugly, fat snot nosed weasel.

Does this mean our date is canceled?

PayneDA@msn.com wrote:

I think you the worst human being in the world. You are an animal. I hope

that all the horrible, hateful, discussing comics you have drawn are visited

back a 1000 times over. May God forgive you, America will not. You discuss

me. You write and draw garbage and you are garbage. I will continue to write

any and all newspapers to hammer you until you are finished in my country.

You are an animal. You are a hateful, ignorant, animal. Thank you, David A Payne PayneDA@msn.com

ka3kzh@adelphia.net wrote:

I just watched you on Fox and I don’t know of your cartoons but if you said something about Pat tillman , a hero in my mind , you are a piece of shit . Someone has to protect this country and I’m glad its not you . If you don’t like this country move to Canada like your friends .

Yeah, good thing Tillman went to Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. To, um, “protect” us. I wonder if he found the WMDs before his own comrades shot him.

neuro1953@yahoo.com wrote:

You are a female.Your estrogen level is quite high and you have 0 testosterone.I would bet that you have sexual problems.i would gladly diagnose and treat yor hormonal problem which is quite obvious.Sincerely.Dr.Tom Moore

BassmanNFL@aol.com wrote:

Dear Ted, I am a Democrat and even you made me sick. As a Viet Nam vet you

do not get it. We at war, you big dummy. Ever hear of 9-11 and all the

assaults of terrorism since 1979. I’ll bet you never served a day in the

military. Every GI that has served has made it possible for you to spill you

garbage. And your comment and cartoon regarding Pat Tilman was below the belt.

I’ll bet your mother and father are ashamed of you. If I had been there on

the show, I would have kicked your sorry ass. Take that, you punk.

nutclub@yahoo.com wrote:

You are a DISGRACEFUL low life to shun a great American like Pat Tillman.

In case you forgot, Pat Tillman died (A HERO) in Afghanistan, not Iraq.

You’re so out of touch that you probably think we shouldn’t have even gone

into Afghanistan.

I can’t believe Hannity and Colmes gave you this much face time push your


Doug Duncan

Evansville, IN

Actually, Tillman volunteered in the spring of 2002 to go to Iraq. That’s where we went first. Then they rotated back for another tour of duty to Afghanistan, where he died tragically, another young life lost for BushCo. But yes, I do think we shouldn’t have gone into Afghanistan. Pakistan, on the other hand…Saudi Arabia, on the other hand…maybe even Egypt.

antmanv1@yahoo.com wrote:

i know you won’t read this, but if given the chance I would punish you for your homo shit.I would love to meet you boy, oh boy , would I…my name is pain and you can report me fag, but you can go to hell! you are a loser in a loser party with a loser future. bye, bye. maybe I’ll see you on a street corner soon…

michael_g_b@hotmail.com wrote:

Hey, I was wondering. Do you have a birth defect that causes you to speak out of the corner of your mouth? I mean, I just want to know. You’re pretty much the goofiest looking guy I’ve seen on television in a while, and I’m really interested to know how someone so ugly got to be a guest on Foxnews. You’re an inspiration for all the closet freaks! By the way, will you be making any appearances in Texas any time in the near future? I’d really love to meet you face to face!

Thanks for asking about my facial disability. Yes, it’s true–I suffer from Dick Cheney Syndrome.

Paulcamaro5@aol.com wrote:

I saw you last night on Shawn Hannitys show!,you are the most

despicable,loathsome,and detastable waste of protoplasm I have ever encountered.A pox on

your house.I hope you and your family are killed in the next terrorist

attack.The only good thing about you panty wearing linguine spined liberal scum is that

you abort your own crack babies.Oh, by the way asshole, before you refer to

me as a bible thumping idiot FYI I am an atheist.I wish I could have been there

to see the look on your face when Bush won the election.Remember asshole we

have political capital and we are going to spend it :).

DRUMDETEC@aol.com wrote:

well? aren’t you? adam/ohio…red state conservative

Why? Are you hitting on me?

bobjones77@gmail.com wrote:

Saw ya on Hannity & Colmes tonight. Great job. Thanks to the wonders of television, I now think you are queer in addition to being a liberal idiot asshole.

jespada7@juno.com wrote:

You are one of the sorriest son-of-a-bitches that I have ever seen.

You’re nothing more than a really sick bitch-ass bitch. F U sick bitch!

reckstam@yahoo.com wrote:

I seldom see Alan Colmes go after liberal guests. When you get him saying you don’t represent his views in the Democratic party, you are really out of step w/ America. To be left of him is a LONG ways left. And your 9/11 widow cartoon and others discussed were out of line and disgusting.


Best laugh of the day so far! Alan Colmes doesn’t go after liberals? To be left of him is a LONG ways left? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Juan wrote:

I really was disturbed by your comments at the Hannity and Colmes show, as well as your cartoons. I believe in freedom of expression but not like that. Death is the end of one’s life, and it must be treated with the utmost respect. You are treating it as a diversion. Death is not to be mocked. Are you compelled to apologize to the people you have offended? Do you have a conscience? Please revisit your heart!

Either you believe in freedom of speech or you don’t. And yes, death is the end of life. But life can seem like death when you’re sitting between Mssrs. Hannity and Colmes.

sierraview@charter.net wrote:

I saw your appearence on Hannity and Colmes, and I just wanted to sent you a

heart felt fuck you. You are scum, and a real ass hole. May death find you

soon you coward.Matt Minden, NV

jer.lyn@verizon.net wrote:

I was watching Fox earlier, and heard you make the comment that “Michael Moore Is A Patriotic American”, among other comments.As I watched your mouth open, I could see soft streaming shit pouring out. The more you spoke, the more shit spewed out. You are a worthless punk, and you should really be shot for treason. Maybe you are motivated by sexual frustration. Perhaps you and Michael Moore butt fuck each other while your mother watches.Have a nice day!!

Gerald B. Braverman

P.S. You have my email address. Please look me up if you ever come to Pittsburgh.

Fortunately, not all Fox watchers are assholes:

Ted wrote:

Good job on Hannity and Colmes last night.  The lack of dialogue is frustratrating. I wanted like never before to grab Hannity by his ad hominem and tell him to shut up and let you talk. You kept your cool, something I couldn’t have done.

Jeremy wrote:

Just bumped into you on some Fox “news” show and wanted to give you kudos for your courage for being on the program and the way you handled yourself. Well done!

Zack wrote:

I just viewed you on some horse shit news program, and I found it strikingly

ironic how i had just gotten out of a long conversation with my father about American policies. My father did the exact same type of jumping on thoughts that those bigots did to you! I think its another type of brainwashing that the news provides, I was just looking up the word hypocirit dehumanization and brainwashing. Its insane how hypocritical America is, they first dehumanize others, then kill them, then say that America loves them by giving them schools. And you are not sick as the guy is calling you now,

Stick to your principles, above all else. Mainstream Republican news programs just don’t understand that there are other ideas out there besides their own. Do not say you regret making any of your comics, they are out of humor, and because a few people are offended for some reason, they should consider those whom they offend, such as you or I. So I commend your bravery of subjecting yourself to that! So yea, it would be cool if you emailed me back some of your political ideas, I would be very greatful.


(sorry its kinda nonsensical, I was trying to watch T.V. and think at the

same time)

Chris wrote:

Thank you for (all) your cartoons! I saw you once again on Hannity’s show tonight and thought you did well once more. I think you are a fine American and are speaking the truth in your cartoons and trying to get the message out that what is happening in Iraq is a national disgrace. Each time Hannity accuses you of being a sicko I love the way you respond by telling him he is helping to kill Americans in Iraq. He and his type are trully leading America down the wrong path!I also 100% understand and agree with the cartoon about the football player. once again, thank you,

Deirdre wrote:

Watched H & C tonight with the hopes of actually HEARING what you had to say. So much for “fair and balanced”…

Robert wrote:

I don’t usually watch Fox news channel, but here I am in Boston on business, flipping through the hotel channels, and there you are being insulted and attacked by Sean Hannity and Michael Reagan.

I heard some words about you representing Condi Rice in fat lips and using “jive talk” but when I checked out the cartoon I didn’t see either of those – I guess it fit their plan of attack, like the non-existent WMDs for which reportedly 1227 Americans and approximately 100,000 Iraqis, mostly women and children, have lost their lives over.

Kudos for keeping your cool in the face of intolerable rudeness.

I also got up-to-date on your blog and saw the stuff about the developmentally disabled metaphor.

My daughter has been a special education teacher for about a decade, and I think she would have seen the point of the cartoon and not been offended. I was a little confused as to whether you were comparing Bush himself or Bush voters to developmentally disabled kids. But I did understand that it was a metaphor, not making fun of developmentally disabled folks.

On the other hand, if I were mentally slow, I would be insulted at being compared to Bush and Bush voters.

Keep up the good work. Don’t the let the bastards get you down. I enjoy Steve Bell’s cartoons, too – got a bookmark for Guardian and Observer and Greg Palast and those dudes.

That’s all for now, I’ve got to change the channel off of Fox before I vomit.

Mark wrote:

i am a 24 year old michigan resident. i just finished watching you on hannity & colmes, and i am not sure if i have ever wanted to choke sean hannity so badly. i honestly cannot stand him, or the obvious bias of the show format- but i watch regardless, just to know what they are saying. hannity is an obvious bully, nothing more, nothing less. i just wanted to congratulate you on a firm stance. sean’s whole agenda was to embarrass and belittle you, and i think you should be proud of your appearance- you made the best of what he was trying to do to you. i appreciate what you have done and what you are doing. thanks for fighting the good fight.

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