American Postmortem Miscellany

To paraphrase a friend, the people now have the government they deserve. The trouble is, so do we.

I’ll be filing my cartoons and column for this week later today; they should start going up overnight. My thoughts and reactions will follow during the coming days and weeks.

My progressive friends: I know you are disheartened. So am I. A record turnout should have ensured a Kerry sweep. And there’s no doubt that we will never know whether the Ohio vote count was legitimate. One thing is certain, however:

Bush is still not the legitimate president of the United States. He ran on an incumbency he never earned.

We must remain informed. We must keep working to educate and organize the citizenry. We must reform the Democratic Party. (Please, Terry MacA, step down!) Now, when the hour is darkest, is the most important time to stay focused on what must be done. Don’t mourn, organize!

Now the shitstorm begins. Calls for a consumpion tax or flat income tax, privatizing Social Security and invading Syria (the Bushies shut the embassy in Damascus) are being heard. The neofascists are wilding. Keep your head down. America’s time will come soon eough.

By the way, a French edition of my book “To Afghanistan and Back” is now available.

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