The Soldier as Spitoon, Redux

On the other side of the post-Vietnam spitting argument comes the following email. Again presented without comment:

I enjoy your cartoons and columns and visit your Web site regularly to read them.

Your latest column, “Boycott the Military,” was particularly interesting. Among my circle of male friends and relatives, we are nearly all veterans of the Vietnam era, most of us with in-country duty and quite a few with combat experience. I have never heard one of them say they were spit on, yelled at or otherwise reviled when they returned to this country. That this myth and others persist is a testament to the right wing’s skill with propaganda.

I hope young people, especially the poor, will boycott the military during Bush’s war. As far as I can tell, the children of the wealthy are doing a good job of boycotting. The stories I read of the dead and maimed all seem to involve the lower economic classes of our country.

Anyway, stay on Bush’s case, and the Republicans, and the weak-kneed Democrats that are fearful of stepping too far left.

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