Fahrenheit 9/11

My best friend the film critic saw it at Cannes. He says it’s great; we should see it.

That said, there’s something a little odd about the way publicity for this film has been handled that demonstrates how disorganized and plain stupid the American Left is so often.

There was a sneak preview of the film a few days ago here in New York City. One would think that Michael Moore and the film’s promoters would want people like me to attend. Who knows? I might write something up.

In reality, I receive more offers and free tickets to attend right-wing and Republican functions than from liberals. I didn’t get invited to the screening, an advance DVD, or jack shit. Many of my fellow liberal-minded cartoonists and columnists say they get treated the same way. Is it any wonder that the majority’s progressive message can’t get out? We’re disorganized as hell.

Moore DID invite, however, right-wing Fox demagogue Bill O’Reilly.

Nice priorities, Mike.

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