Kerry’s Vice President

Among the more outlandish options floated recently for the veep spot on the Democratic ticket are John McCain and Ralph Nader. The McCain thing, I think it’s safe to guess, ain’t gonna happen. There hasn’t been a party crossover ticket in more than fifteen decades, and a year when the electorate is polarized won’t see the second. Choosing a conservative, pro-life Republican as vice president would alienate the liberal base, driving many to stay away from the polls or vote for Nader. I myself would retract my longstanding pledge to vote for the Democratic nominee since a McCain veep could become a Republican president. The Democratic Party, as I’ve written in my new book WAKE UP, YOU’RE LIBERAL: HOW WE CAN TAKE AMERICA BACK FROM THE RIGHT, needs to get back to its roots, not trash them entirely.

I don’t think much will come out of the Nader talk, but I think he’d be a brilliant choice–one that might lock up the election once and for all. A Nader VP would energize the liberal base like nothing else, neutralize a spoiler threat and infuse vibrant new ideas into the ossified Democratic Party political machine. Nader could become Kerry’s Cheney–the power behind the throne, the guy’s who’s always thinking new stuff up.

My money’s still on John Edwards or Bob Graham, though–and either of them would be just dandy.


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