A Few Random Updates

I’m off for a few days to give a speech at the National Press Club, so the blog will be fairly inactive until the weekend. Until then:

There are 3 copies left of WAKING UP IN AMERICA. If you want one, let me know since I’ll be checking email.

I’ll post information about ALL THE RULES HAVE CHANGED next week. (Hint: it’s the same deal if you want a head start.)

Just got the word that REAL AMERICANS ADMIT THE WORST THING I’VE EVER DONE will remain out of print for the foreseeable future, or until I do the long-awaited sequel thereto which I can’t even imagine starting to work on considering the 2-3 books I already have in the pipeline. I think Amazon still has a few left at cover price; I don’t think I have any.

ATTITUDE 2 has shipped to stores. If you order if from Amazon now (“pre-order,” they still say), you’ll have it shortly. Ditto if you ask your local bookstore to get it.

WAKE UP, YOU’RE LIBERAL is available for pre-orders through Amazon, with an expected pub date of April 9th.

A reader reminds me to remind you about the Ted Rall Subscription Service, mentioned earlier somewhere down there. For $10/year, you get my toons, freelance projects and columns emailed directly to you, sometimes days in advance of publication. If you want to subscribe for 2004, send the dough in any legal form to Ted Rall, PO Box 1134, New York NY 10027 and don’t forget your email address.

People are also asking about my challenge to Republican readers. Incredibly, only one Republican (!) was willing to consider voting for, say, John Kerry, this fall. His condition: that Bush be declared legally and clinically insane. Every other Republican respondent said that (s)he would vote for Bush no matter what–even if he were found to be a mass murderer (which, of course, he is) or rapist (which, of course, his troops are). Republicans have a lot to teach Democrats about loyalty, though I’m not certain that it’s a lesson we should want to learn.

I’m still working on putting together the trip to Iraq. It’s becoming very difficult to find newspapers willing to front the kind of money that covers the extravagant costs of operating in an active war zone (mainly bribe and transportation money), not to mention compensation for the risks involved. Unless someone steps forward with a few thousand bucks soon, it may not happen.

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