A Few Odds and Ends At the End of a Week

I’ll be speaking at MIT next week. Which is weird, because (a) MIT is a strange place and (b) my dad went there and (c) they threw me out of Columbia Engineering School.

I’m worried that John Kerry will lose against Bush. He came off like a serious prick on CNN’s “Inside Politics” with Judy Woodruff yesterday. Forget Howard Dean’s scream, Kerry went ballistic when she asked him about waffling. “Come on! Ask me a question about anything! Iraq? OK!” Look, I can imagine the frustration of getting ripped apart, but the idea is to save that shit for your friends and family. He needs to learn some patience, humor and grace if he stands a chance in November. He made Gore look like a barrel of laughs.

I still have 4 copies of “Waking Up in America.” If you want ’em, e-mail chet@rall.com.

Call me naive, but I bet the U.S. Supreme Court will rule against the Bush fascists on the Jose Padilla case. I fear for America if it doesn’t.

Check out the funniest thing I’ve ever read about myself.

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