More Proof that Reagan’s Education Budget Cuts Paid Off

I said I wouldn’t do this, but hey–I’m allowed to break a promise to myself, right?

While I was trying to enjoy a few well-deserved days off, the lunatic right was working itself into a weird frenzy over my column from last week, “Why We Fight.”

The right-wing blog Instapundit joined fascist self-hater Andrew Sullivan and other got-no-life types in imagining that piece, written from the standpoint of an Iraqi resistance leader, to be a reflection of my desire to see American troops killed in Iraq.

Haven’t these fools ever heard of writing from another viewpoint? Obviously not. So here’s a few things for them to keep in mind:

1. I am not a member of the Iraqi resistance.

2. I do not hope or pray for US troops to suffer in any way, shape or form.

3. When I write an essay, it doesn’t reflect what I personally believe unless the context makes that explicit.

The purpose of the piece, as most smart readers discerned, was to put myself in the position of someone fighting the US occupation to see what motivates them. It was a response to the apparent confusion that Iraqis who love us so much are so deadset on sending so many of us to meet Allah. As someone else (Krugman, maybe) pointed out, no nation-state has invaded another–and kept it–successfully during the 20th century. Wars of resistance have always won eventually. I don’t think Iraq will be an exception.

Sooner or later, we’ll pull out. Why not get it over with now, and save ourselves a lot of blood and money?

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